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Aiden & Adrian's Journey into the Kitchen! 
~Buckwheat Pancakes~

   Alex & Ashlie Chinchilla

Illustrated by Ioana Vladoiu

Hempstead Front Cover 8-18-21 RGB 6 inch.jpg

Hardback, 8.5 x 8.5, 24 Full Color Illustrated Pages

includes Original Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

978-1-7372997-0-7 (Hardback) . 978-1-7372997-1-4 (Ebook)



This is the illustrated story about how we taught our two young children to cook one of their favorite foods – buckwheat pancakes. Our original Buckwheat Pancake Recipe is included.


Aiden (5 years old) and his brother, Adrian (2 years) are both curious about everything! So we decided to write a book about their eagerness to do "adult things," like cooking. And we choose one of their favorite foods to start – a food that has healthy ingredients and is very flavorful, to show them the fun steps in the cooking process: How to Make Buckwheat Pancakes.


Cooking all types of foods is one of our favorite family fun times. Home cooking is better and cheaper than always eating out we think... We carefully source our ingredients, prepare with love and nourish our family each day. Our initial goal was to inspire our own children by involving them in the cooking process and teaching them kitchen safety along the way – but now we want to share our experiences with other families about how a home cooked meal can be healthy, fun and delicious. The book includes our original Buckwheat Pancake Recipe.

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