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Ashlie and Alex Chinchilla began eating healthy home cooked meals when their first child, Aiden was born. Before that they would eat out at restaurants and began receiving poor health reports from their doctor (including pre-diabetes). With the help of a naturopath specialist, they developed a wholesome organic meal plan and learned the benefits of eating  nutritious organic food.


Now, they create our own recipes and enjoy original home cooked meals. They source the ingredients, prepare with love and nourish their family every day. Ashlie and Alex inspire their two children, Aiden and Adrian, by involving them in the cooking process and teaching them kitchen safety as well. Through the "Aiden & Adrian's Journey into the Kitchen"  book series, they  want to share their experiences with other families about how to make home cooked meals healthy, fun and delicious.

Ashlie and Alex met at an Oakland, California football game, now live in Houston, Texas, and are involved in numerous learning activities and sports. After a family tragedy, Alex and Ashlie created "Nux4life," a non-profit organization that hosts golf tournaments to raise money for military families and veterans.

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